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Save When You Fuel at 7 Eleven

Uncategorized February 25, 2019

Save When You Fuel at 7 Eleven

As we all know the price of fuel keep on changing everyday and some places have cheaper price of fuel compared to your location. Here, 7 Eleven app has a good function known as fuel lock. Which means you can lock the price of fuel for 7 days and you can use same price to refuel it at any 7 Eleven. Once you lock the price, the voucher can only be used once.

When you open a 7 Eleven app, then you can see the option to choose your preferred fuel type (eg. Unleaded 91, Premium Unleaded 95, Premium Unleaded 98, LPG, Diesel). Then you can see, find my best local price option there. When you click that option, then it will start looking for best price from your nearest five 7 Eleven pumps.

Now the app will find the best price for you and lock you that price. However, you must recharge your 7 Eleven app with the amount, you are going to fuel with. For instance, if you are going to lock the price for 50litres then you must have enough money in your account to fill the 50litres( if 1 litre is 1$ then you must have 50$ in your account to lock the price). Using this handy function you can save money while you fuel your vehicle.

If you are an android user then, you are in luck because you can save more. In normal case app finds the best price from 5 nearest location. But using mock location function in android developers mode, you can fake your location to the place which has the best price.

You can find the current best 7 Eleven Fuel price in Australia here. Once you know the location of the 7 Eleven Pump with the cheapest price. Use the following steps to lock the price.


You can unlock the Developer options on any Android smartphone or tablet by locating the Build number in your Settings menu and tapping it multiple times

Firstly activate developer mode in your mobile. You can activate the developer mode/options on any android smartphone by finding the Build Number in your settings menu and clicking it multiple times.

Developer option doesn’t harm your mobile phone and DOES NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

Follow this steps: ( For Samsung, its similar for all android phones)

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click “About Device”
  3. Click “Software Info”
  4. Then you can see Build Number. Tap it multiple times until it displays you activated the developer mode.
  5. Now you can see developer option when you open settings.
  6. You can find enable mock location option when you go inside the developer options.

Now you have activated the developer options. You will need to down the fake location app from play store.

Now follow these steps to lock the best price in Australia.

Follow this steps:

  1. Download 7 Eleven Fuel App version 1.4.1 from here.
  2. Download fake GPS from play store here.
  3. Activate mock location for fake GPS app, from the activate mock location option in developer mode.
  4. Set the location to the one you found from the list here.
  5. Wait 10s.
  6. Quickly go to mock location setting and choose nothing.
  7. Open 7 eleven app quickly and lock in the price. ( if it says mock location enabled, then close all apps quickly and try again).


4K Nepal and the team are not responsible for your use of the 7/11 app and you should abide by all terms stipulated by the app. This thread’s content is not endorsed by the 4K Nepal and the team. All the information here are found on the internet. 4K Nepal bears no responsibility for your use of the app. 

If you have any queries please drop an email on admin@4knepal.com

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