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Is Sydney The Best Place For Future New Students?

Especially For New Comers March 6, 2018


It is difficult to comprehend the fact that why most of the future Australian students (having intention to migrate) see Sydney as the best destination, or the only destination, to acquire quality education, better jobs and eventually a better quality of life in all over Australia. The recent development in the scenarios of International students and graduates drifting away from Sydney to lesser states strongly suggests that there are few significant changes in circumstances in Sydney, which has led to a smell of some sort of hostility being created by the City or the New South Wales (NSW) state as a whole. Mostly, this diverging population is the effect of the difficulty in Permanent Residency and job placement probability after completing the education.


If you are beginning the process to fly down under sometime soon, i am giving you 4 strong reasons to choose other cities over Sydney for a safer and a more probable chances of Getting Permanent Residency (PR), although there are few other reasons to choose other cities over Sydney at this moment and in near future.

1.Permanent Residency (PR)

The recent turn of events shows that the points required for PR is climbing steadily upwards in all over Australia. If you at all understand the point system, for example, the requirement for a professional accounting graduate  has shot up to 75-80 points as compared to a mere 60-65 points in just about 2 years’ time. Now living in Sydney makes this situation worse because the NSW State also demands similar points to nominate for the PR because of higher number of applications.

However, the state nomination (190 visa) for PR in other states has much easier requirements given the fact that you have studied an lived in that particular state.  The current popular states in this scenario are Australian Capital Territory (Canberra), Tasmania (Hobart) and Northern Territory (Darwin). (Consult with a registered migration agent for the details on the requirements of different states). Therefore, it is pretty visible and evident that PR process has become comparatively tougher in the recent years and it is going to get more difficult in future if you are applying it from Sydney.

2.Opportunities Vs. Competition

This is very easy to understand. The most populated state in Australia is New South Wales. It also has, therefore, a larger number of institutions and therefore a higher number of graduates being produced throughout the year. I am not at all saying that you will not get a job in Sydney after your studies. But precedence strongly suggests that the education related job probability is quite low. However, other states having lesser population could provide you with better chances of getting a job in the field of your expertise. Again, nothing is guaranteed though. I am talking here in terms of probability.

3. Living Expenses

If you simply Google about the comparative Living expenses of other cities to Sydney, you will easily know that Sydney is arguably the most expensive city to live in, in all over Australia. Be it the Transport expense, Taxes, rental expense or food, you name it.

The basic wages set by the government being the same all over Australia, there is a higher chance that you end up spending much lesser in other cities and have a happier bank balance at the end of the year. Therefore, any sort of sycophancy towards Sydney at this point in time does not hold too much water inside it.

4.Quality of Life

Now this topic could be debatable. However, I am only trying to present a perspective here. Quality of life is mainly gauged through the degree of positivity or negativity in different features of an average life. These features primarily involve Education, Health, Wealth, Family and Finance among others. Again the whole perspective that quality of life could be better elsewhere (away from Sydney) stems from the fact that Sydney is getting overpopulated in comparison to other states. Therefore all the features mentioned above will have more takers here and hence competition grows. On the other hand other smaller states are asking for skilled people to come and work for them because of the lack in their workforce. Thus the chances to grow positivity in all life features have more possibility in other states eventually leading towards a better quality of life.


To sum up, it is extremely essential for future international students to research one the opportunities this huge country has to provide beyond Sydney. Being foresighted at the very beginning of this arduous journey will only benefit you. Therefore, before you press that apply button, use the boon in the form of internet to study Australia as a massive piece of land, which also includes Sydney.

Any help or queries please drop an email on admin@4knepal.com

Disclaimer: This information is for guide purposes only and you need to take an expert advice for your individual circumstances. 

(c) 4K Nepal Team.

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What is Point System in Permanent residency

Uncategorized March 6, 2018

What is Point System in Permanent residency

It is not a hidden fact that most of us who are in Australia came here first as a student on a Student Visa. Although all of us had mentioned it in SOP that we would come back to our home country and utilize the skills and experience gained from studying in Australia, most of us always try to stay here for a longer period of time and get Permanent Residency (PR).

To apply for the PR, you must complete the course on the subject which is in the skilled occupation list and have 60 points minimum( now you need at least 70 points to get invitation) to apply for Expression of Interest(EOI). Once you apply for Expression of Interest, you will be in a queue of people who applied for EOI. Your queue is based on points and date of effect (when you applied EOI). For instance, there are 30 people with 60 points in the queue already, and you applied for EOI with 60 points today. Then your place in queue will be 31, however if you apply with 65 points then your place in the queue will be 1 as you have more points than the people who are in the queue. You need to keep in mind that gaining enough points doesn’t let you to apply for VISA but you are only eligible to apply for EOI. Once you get invitation from your EOI then only you can apply for PR.



How do you calculate points?

There are many factors which will directly affect your points. Although don’t worry your grades in study will not affect the points i.e if you are topper in Accounting, you still get same points as a guy who passed Accounting in 3rd attempt with P grade. Main factors to determine the points are your age, level of study, English proficiency, years of study in Australia, work experience( In Australia or overseas), skill of your partner. Lets discuss the points gained from these areas for common students like us.

1. Age:

Age is the highest point contributor in Australia’s point test skilled migration system. Points gained are different for different age groups. I have listed a table which provides complete detail about the points that can be gained from age.

Age Group Points to Claim
18 – 24 25 points
25 – 32 30 points
33 – 39 25 points
40 – 44 15 points
45 – 49 0 points

2. Level of study:

You will get 15 point after you have successfully completed a bachelors degree( Undergraduate degree). Point is same for Masters Degree, which mean 15 points is maximum you can get from your study.

3. English proficiency:

You will get maximum 20 points from your English Proficiency. You can take various English test to prove your proficiency, I have just mentioned the most widely used ones. Points you can claim depends on your English language test results and are as follows:

IELTS score( in each band) PTE score(in each band) Points to Claim
8-9 79-90 20
7 65-78 10
6 <65 0


4. Years of Study in Australia

You can claim 5 points after successfully studying for 2 years in Australia under any course.

5. Work Experience:

You can claim maximum 20 points from work experience. Work Experience gained must be in the same field that you are applying PR for. Work experience from Australia carries more points than work experience from overseas. Points that can be claimed from the work experience are listed in a table below.

Experience from Australia
Years of Work Points to Claim
1 year 5 points
3 years 10 points
5 years 15 points
8 years 20 points


Experience from Overseas
Years of Work Points to Claim
3 years 5 points
5 years 10 points
8 years 15 points

6. Skill of your partner

If your partner has the qualification which is in the skill assessment list then you can claim maximum 5 points from your partner. Your partner needs to have successfully completed the skill assessment first before you can claim those points.

7. Professional Year

You can join the professional year program for your skills to get extra 5 points. Professional Year takes exactly 1 year to complete.

8. NAATI (Translator or Interpreter of Nepali or any language)

You can study NAATI, which is being taught at many centers in Australia. After you study you can book an exam for NAATI and after you pass it you can claim 5 extra points.


So, that’s all about the points.  You can take basic idea from here and plan to increase your points as it is getting tougher and tougher. Don’t just run behind consultancies blindly, look at skills occupation list to find out if your field of study is in that list. You can always check for details  here about the skills occupation list. You can check the points required for your occupation to get invitation here and select the current round for up to date information.

Any help or queries please drop an email on admin@4knepal.com

Disclaimer: All the information are correct as of time of publication. This information is for guide purposes only and you need to take an expert advice for your individual circumstances. Writer takes no responsibility for any losses occurred because of following this article.

(c) Sudip

4K Nepal Team.


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Which Mobile Plan is Best For You in Student Life?

Uncategorized March 6, 2018


Australia is an expensive country, however installments and plans have made it easier to own the items which we would otherwise be just dreaming about. Although, this applies to many items, I am discussing today about the mobile phone plans in Australia. Once you come to Australia, you will need to get a mobile number here and there are many plans( paying mobile with installments) which provide you a brand new mobile phone with included unlimited call in Australia and huge data. There are many deals going on all the time so you need to grab one which meets your requirements from pocket to data.

If you have your relatives, you will get basic idea from them about which mobile carrier to choose and which mobile phone to own. But if you don’t have anyone to guide you just read this blog and you will have some idea about it. Here are my suggestions for carrier and their benefits.

If you are tech geek always go for the latest model, as you will start earning later you will regret choosing the old model.




Vodafone was one of the most popular brand chosen by many Nepalese. Actually to be precise it was the only mobile carrier choice opted by Nepalese until last of Dec 2015. It was mainly because of the international minutes to Nepal, which was included in mobile plan. But after they excluded Nepal from their international minutes, there are no any strong and valid reasons to really choose Vodafone as you can get similar deals from other providers.

Network quality of Vodafone is not above par but it is solely dependent on the location. There are many Nepalese working as dealer for Vodafone so you can grab a deal if you can contact one of them. There are not many extra benefits that are included in Vodafone, however you can get huge data which you are going to use while travelling to work or study.


Optus is really similar to Vodafone as they provide similar deals. However, if you are a premier league fan then Optus would be your best choice. Their plan include Optus Sports which is data free( Does not use data from your monthly quota) and you can watch any premier league game live on your mobile phone no matter where you are. Optus also provides different video streaming sites(Netflix, Stan ..)  and audio streaming sites ( Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, I Heart Radio) data free. If you listen to lots of music and watch Netflix then this is the best choice for you.

Optus doesnot provide any international minutes to Nepal. ( You will need to have active subscription of the streaming sites to use it for data free)


They are the Nepal Telecom of Australia but with the best network and are well ahead in quality from other providers. Their plan are quite expensive, so I dont advise students to use their plan until and unless they have some really good deal going on.

Telstra has another benefits that is some of their plan is eligible to use the Telstra Hotspot ( Similar to NT Wifi Hotspot in Nepal) and their network is really good.


Virgin Mobile

Virgin mobile is the subsidiary company of Optus and it used Optus network. Virgin Mobile provides international minutes to Nepal so if you really need that international minutes to Nepal then opt for Virgin Mobile. They also provide some music streaming sites(similar to Optus) data free. They also provide mobile phone on plans.

DODO Mobile

DODO Mobile is another company with uses the Optus network. It is also a good choice if you want that limited international minutes to Nepal. Be wise and careful with this company as they seem to have received many complaints from the customers.


Tips: Everything is governed properly in Australia, if you feel you are being cheated or deceived by the mobile company DO NOT  hesitate to call them and talk to them. Always, while calling them take a note of name of person you are talking to and the time.

If you cannot reach to any agreement or they are ignoring your problem/questions and you feel like you are right (not in stupid way but legitimately) then always file a complaint on http://www.tio.com.au/ .

If you want any help regarding this matter or any suggestion to choose the plan or you are struggling to find the good deal then drop an email on admin@4knepal.com I will try my best to provide you with good suggestion.

Disclaimer: Writer is not affiliated to any company listed above. Buyer need to make decision based on their individual circumstances, however can utilize the suggestion from this website.

(c) 4K Nepal Team

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